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educational organization formed to promote the
use of solar energy and to share information
on the subject between its members and the

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Who's going to install your system?


When making this decision there are several factors to consider:

If you are going with a small DC system consisting of a solar panel and a battery, you probably won't need any help installing.  However you may need assistance with the panel mounting if you don't have an ideal location. 

If you upgrade this DC system and add a small AC inverter, you should still be ok.  Most of these inverters come with the cable to connect it straight to the battery.  They also come with one or two AC outlets.  A multiple outlet strip can be plugged into this for connecting several items to the inverter. 

For a residential system, most people enlist the services of a dealer if they are not do-it-yourselfers.  For this service you may expect to pay about 10% of your system cost.  This is a small price to pay when you consider what a mistake could cost.

There are good books available on solar installations if you decide to tackle it yourself.  Remember that there are local electric codes as well as the national electric codes to follow.  These are constantly changing with regards to solar so it is very important to be up on the latest.

Have you decided yet?  Call your local dealer and discuss your concerns with them.