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use of solar energy and to share information
on the subject between its members and the

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Solar Tour 2001 - Baton Rouge
The National Tour of Solar Homes came to Baton Rouge on Saturday, October 13, 2001... or did it?  We now know one thing.  When it pours down raining with severe thunderstorm warnings from dawn until night with 60 mph gusts, people do not go on solar tours.  The event was listed in the Baton Rouge newspaper "FUN" section, posters were put up at many local outlets, and the word was spread on the web.  Should we have a raincheck day?  Let me know if there is some interest I will make the arrangements.  The tour highlight was the new pole mount in the backyard for the panels.  The panels held tight in the wind and storm!

In attendance at the Shaw home were LSES members Jeff & Laura,  Brad & Stacey Rigsby, Stephen Waters, Trey Rowzie, and State Representative William Daniel.  At the Wadill Pavillion tours were given by Buddy Justice of the LA Department of Natural Resources to approximately 30 women from a skeet shooting club that were there for an event.

If you want to see the tour info for this year click on the links below.  

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