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Net Metering in Louisiana???
Not yet... but it can be done easily.  Here's how...
PASSED - JUNE, 2003!
The Louisiana Renewable Energy Act of 2003
First look at the map showing net metering states.  Notice that the majority of states now have net metering laws.  Notice that two of our three neighboring states have net metering laws (Texas and Arkansas).  Do we want to be the 50th state?

Next, read a summary of the net metering laws Texas and Arkansas have enacted.

Texas' Net Metering Order :

Net metering is ordered by the Public Utility Commission of Texas under Substantive Rules, Section 23.66(f)(4), which became effective in 1986. The order requires utilities to offer a net metering option to QFs of 50 kW or less, using renewable energy resources. Utilities will install a single meter for such customers and allow the meter to turn backward to register the net energy consumption or production by the customers. Net consumption is billed at the applicable tariff and excess generation by the customers during a billing cycle is purchased by utilities at the avoided cost (fuel cost only, no capacity component). Texas initiated the net metering program 10 years ago to promote small wind power and PV markets in the state. There is no statewide limit on the number of customers or total capacity under the net metering program. There are approximately 25 small wind generators currently under the net metering program.

Arkansas  Net Metering Law:

On April 19, 2001, Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee signed into law a bill (HB2325) requiring the state's electric utilities to offer net metering for solar, wind,hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass systems, and fuel cells and microturbines fueled by renewable sources. Eligible systems include residential systems of up to 25 kW and commercial systems of up to 100 kW located in state. The Act, which takes effect on October 1, 2001, tasks the Arkansas Public Service Commission (PSC) to
develop rules covering the terms and conditions of interconnection and net metering contracts. According to the Act, the PSC "may authorize an electric utility to assess a net-metering customer a greater fee or charge, of any type, if the electric utility's
direct costs of interconnection and administration of net-metering outweigh the distribution system, environmental and public policy benefits of allocating the costs among the electric utility's entire customer base." 
For further information, refer to the full text of legislation - HB2325

Finally, if we take the Arkansas Law (which just went into effect on 10/1/01 and in the newest one in the country) and revise it to fit Louisiana we have The Louisiana Renewable Energy Act of 2003.  Read through it and send me your comments via email or on the application form - comment section You can just fill in your name, email & comments on the form and hit send!

So what's stopping us???
Jeff Shaw