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The Louisiana Solar Energy Society is an educational organization formed to promote the use of
solar energy and to share information on the subject between its members and the public.
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Member Systems:

PV small       (0-1000w) PV medium (1000-3000w) PV large        (3000 +) Solar Pool Heaters Solar Water Heaters
Portable Systems-(5w)
16w system
150w system
Stand Alone-160w/1500w
E-Panel (18BP-170w)
440w system
480w system
480w system
576w system
1000w system
1000w system



1440w System
1620w system
1900w system
1920w system
2000w system
2400w hybrid system
2-2450w hybrid system
2500w grid-tie system
2500w grid-tie system
2500w grid-tie system
2660w grid-tie system
3000w grid tie system with battery backup
3150w system
3800w system
4560w system
9-5000w system
6000w system





4 panels
4 panels
5 panels








3 solar thermal collectors






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If anyone has systems in their home or office and would like us to put them up on our website email us at info@lses.org.