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Economics of Solar
by Jeff Shaw
The motivation of installing solar power in my home was not economically driven.  In Louisiana, we have cheap electricity averaging $0.10 per kilowatt hour.  Solar cost more than that.  I would like you to look at my actual savings with a combination of energy conservation and solar power.

Solar Power Savings

Several things need explaining after you take a look.  I put the house on the market to sell in April 2000.  Many lights are left on unnecessarily for house showings and would attribute to increased consumption.  The system was disconnected and moved to the new house in August.  Due to other higher priority projects (like selling the old house and remodeling the new one) the installation of the equipment in the new house was delayed.  The panel location is not ideal at the new house.  There is too much shade and the roof angles are all wrong.  I have relocated the panels three times so far trying to achieve the best output.  For example, the panels gave me 125AH /day at the old house and 55 AH /day at the new one. 

Thanks to the Tour of Solar Homes coming to my house, I decided to relocate my panels to a first class mounting.  I purchased a UniRac top of pole mount for my 4 Solerex MSX-120 panels and put them about ten feet above ground level.  I had lots of tree work done to open up a window to the sky from my jungle lot.  I will be taking readings and report the progress.  If you want an update then shoot me an email.