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educational organization formed to promote the
use of solar energy and to share information
on the subject between its members and the

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16th Annual Baton Rouge Earth Day - April 23, 2006
Jeff Shaw
Wow!  Has it been 6 years that we've been participating in the Baton Rouge Earth Day? 

Baton Rouge Earth Day for 2006 will be held Sunday, April 23, (Easter is on the 16th) and the Louisiana Solar Energy Society will be there.  Come by and meet us and show your support for solar power.  It will be located (as always) on North Blvd., downtown Baton Rouge.  We have always been lucky to set up n front of the Entergy Building as a great landmark for those trying to find us. 

If you would like to volunteer to sit at the table,  we would appreciate the help!  I will have on display a solar powered computer and water fountain different types of solar panels, and a Solar Pathfinder instrument to name a few.

Let me know by email if you would like to volunteer or have any suggestions for a fun Solar Earth Day.  Here's the official link so you can see what's happening:

                        On April 19th, 2001 youth from all areas of Los Angeles stood hand
                        in hand to form a giant Clean Energy "Go Solar" aerial art message..  

 photo by Kathleen Masser
photo by Kathleen Masser