The Louisiana Solar Energy Society is an
educational organization formed to promote the
use of solar energy and to share information
on the subject between its members and the

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The Benefits of Solar Power... a new consciousness
There has been much written about the benefits of solar power.  Words like Independence, Self-reliance, Environmental, Cost savings and others appear often.  However, my favorite word to describe the benefit of solar power is Consciousness.  I believe that going solar will raise us to a new level of consciousness.

Gridders (people that rely on the electric grid for their electricity) go about their daily routine without a thought of their electrical consumption.  Once a month when their electric bill comes in, they moan & groan and pay it.  They usually point their finger of blame down the street at the electric company -- the very company that is only supplying the demand for power.  A company that is heavily regulated as far as the rates they can charge for power.  A company that has made multi-million dollar investments to meet the ever-increasing consumer demand for more power.  Are the gridders pointing the right direction or should they be looking a little closer to home?

When you go solar, you immediately become aware of what power you are using as well as what power you are wasting.  You will soon learn that you can only consume what you produce or you will come up short.  Your system will seem more like a bank where you make deposits, withdrawals, and keep some in savings for a rainy day... literally!

You will become more aware of the seasons of the year and their relationship to the angle of the sun on us.  You will actually notice the angle of the sun on the horizon and the shading effect of structures on your solar panels.  You will also become conscious of how many common household appliances consume electricity even when they are off (known as phantom loads).  You will become conscious of lights on in empty rooms and TVs on when nobody is watching. You will realize that newer, high-efficiency appliances that cost more to purchase actually cost less when you add up the energy savings.  This is more apparent when you are purchasing solar equipment large enough to power these loads.

All of this consciousness is a good thing.  Look what it does for your independence, self-reliance, environment, savings, and all those other words... but at a level where you can appreciate and live it!