The Louisiana Solar Energy Society is an
educational organization formed to promote the
use of solar energy and to share information
on the subject between its members and the

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The National Solar Tour - Louisiana 2005
October 1, 2005
11am - 2pm

Here's a note from our National Tour Director, Mike DiGrazia:

April 22, 2005

 Dear Jeff,

 The National Solar Tour is building momentum every year and last year saw some of the largest cumulative growth yet thanks to the efforts of Tour Organizers like you!  In 2004 we estimate that 50,800 attendees participated on the tours, up by over 50% from 2003.  I wanted to express our gratitude and thanks for all your efforts.  The 2005 Tour will center on the date of Saturday, October 1, 2005.

 This year we expect a continuation, possibly acceleration, of growth in interest in the National Solar Tour.  As the price of oil and energy rises, the interest in renewable energy is growing rapidly and will certainly result in greater attention and attendance.  At the same time, ASES is planning to release an Internet based tool to help accelerate the decision process for interested home and building owners to invest in renewable energy installation.  In addition to this early start, I will be helping ASES full-time, devoting all of my energy to the National Solar Tour and the Internet based tool mentioned.

 I am looking forward to working with you as your National Solar Tour Coordinator this year, and communicating the exciting plans ASES has for greater national media coverage.  In future messages, I will be sharing improvements we are making to help you grow a successful tour.  I will also be requesting verified/updated contact information.

  Thank you again for a stellar 2004, and looking forward to a successful year. 

 Happy Earth Day,



Michael J. DiGrazia

National Solar Tour Coordinator

American Solar Energy Society

2400 Central Avenue, Suite A

Boulder, CO USA 80301

(303) 443-3130 Ext. 101

FAX (303) 443-3212